Time for T - Hoping Something Anything

Review: Time For T – Hoping Something Anything

It’s been nearly two months since Time for T’s official Brighton debut album launch at The Rialto Theatre. So why so long to get the review up I hear you ask? There are a number of reasons or excuses I could give, but the most obvious one is that it’s taken me this long to prize the album out of my car’s CD player! So without further delay, here is it!

Time for T - Hoping Something Anything
Time for T – Hoping Something Anything

Time For T – Hoping Something Anything Tracklisting

  1. Blue Train
  2. Ronda
  3. Back to School
  4. Wax
  5. Maria
  6. Galgo
  7. Rescue Plane
  8. Mary
  9. Olympics
  10. India
  11. Tom Tom
  12. Sleepwalk
  13. Hoping Something Anything

Hoping Something Anything – Album Review

Hoping Something Anything is a long overdue album from a band who in spite of spending significant time abroad over the last few years still know how to pack out a Brighton show in a heartbeat. Their close network of some of the city’s best upcoming bands and acoustic acts certainly doesn’t hurt this, but if Time For T was playing in a dark and mouldy basement, their fans would no doubt show up with candles and clothes pegs for their noses.

Time For T’s self-titled 6-track EP was released in 2015 and is arguably only 4 tracks short of what would have been a perfectly formed debut album. However, by releasing it as an EP, Time For T gave themselves more time to tour, write new songs and gain valuable life experience. The release of their first single from the record, ‘Rescue Plane’, back in 2016 saw Time For T being atop the Spotify Viral Charts. This was followed up by ‘Wax’, with its psychedelic and wonderful video (which you can watch below).

The album features a fantastic collection of stories covering everything from long-distant relationships, tales about what we assume to be ex-girlfriends, school, personal philosophies and much more. Each song is filled with a rich narrative, like a sandwich bulging with filling making it all the more delicious, and has a top quality production to match. You can be assured that the album was not a rushed job, and now that it has been released, it will be just as slow-burning as it was to create.

If you’re into clever lyrics, delightfully twisting melodies and slick grooves, look no further. It would make a great Christmas present for the whole family, so why not get a copy for your nan, mother or that girl that you fancy at work but haven’t had the courage to ask out. Things can only go one way really. Good luck!

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Rescue Plane


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