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Liverpool Sound City In Images

Sometimes there are no words. Here is my time at Liverpool Sound City In Images, taken by myself and Nicola Jackson.

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Liverpool Sound City - SIgn
Liverpool Sound City Photo - Dock From Bridge
Liverpool Sound City - High Masts
Liverpool Sound City - Everything Everything
Liverpool Sound City - Flaming Lips
Liverpool Sound City
Liverpool Sound City - Hein Cooper
Liverpool Sound City - Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5
Liverpool Sound City - Hein Cooper Interview
Liverpool Sound City - Hein Cooper and Me 2
Liverpool Sound City - Hein Cooper and Me B&W
Liverpool Sound City - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Liverpool Sound City- Light Parade
Liverpool Sound City - Warehouse Door
Liverpool Sound City - Rust
Liverpool Sound City - Ship at Dusk
Liverpool Sound City - Belle and Sebastian
Liverpool Sound City - Belle and Sebastian 2


Keep the music live and alive.

Interview with Hein Cooper at Liverpool Sound City
#TGE – The Great Escape In Images

Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were Review

Ben Howard has to be one of the greatest breakthrough artists of the century. The success of his debut album ‘Every Kingdom’ in 2011 earned him a Mercury Prize Nomination as well as two BRIT Awards in 2013 for Best Breakthrough Act and Best Solo Male Artist, besting Olly Murs, Plan B and Calvin Harris! Off the bat of his performance of ‘Only Love‘ at the BRITS, he went to the Top 10 in the singles chart (previously at 190!) and number 4 in the album charts (previously 46), proving that people had just to hear him perform live in order to be captivated by his music.  Continue reading Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were Review

June Jams – Six new tracks that you NEED to hear this weekend!

With the World Cup under way and already giving us some surprise results, the only thing that is for sure is that there is a lot of quality new music being made which needs more attention given to it.

Here is my pick of 6 fresh tracks from local and/or unsigned acts to ease you into the weekend:

St. LongPlayer – ‘Spread Your Love (Salad Days)’ Soundcloud

The new musical endeavour from the former Maccabees drummer Robert Dylan Thomas, teaming up with Ned Archibong and Nicholson Davids from Normanton Street for this new production project. With sharp vocals, tight production and a Sealife Centre backdrop, what more could you want? Debut EP ‘OFTM’ Out on 10th July.

Sammi Elston – ‘I’ll Be Your Darling’ @sammielston

Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Sammi Elston combines her carefully-crafted songs with guitar, bass and drums in this catchy pop-rock number. This new recording of I’ll Be Your Darling with full band was released on iTunes on 1st June 2014 and can be downloaded here.

Jetglo – ‘Like A Scratch’ @Jetglo_Official
Brighton indie rock band Jetglo are currently mixing their debut album for imminent release. Here is a recently uploaded track of one of the album tracks. With strong dancable rhythms and clear vocal hooks, particularly in the chorus, this is a feel-good hit in the making

Sarah Meek – ‘Take Over’ Soundcloud
Northern jazz singer based in Bangor, North Wales, Sarah Meek is one of the talents emerging from the local music scene. With the help of friends and local musicians, Sarah recently recorded her debut album, ‘Beginnings’ as a university project, which she was awarded a First for. Check out the first track to be uploaded, with hopefully more of the album to follow soon. Sarah is definitely one to watch in the very near future.  

Jack Rennie & The Nightmares – ‘Trapped’  Facebook
What do you get if you cross Stafford brother-sister duo ‘The Taskers’ with a Jack-of-all-instruments? Jack Rennie & The Nightmares formed recently and quickly recorded a six track mini-album to celebrate. The album is free to download here. Check out ‘Trapped’ below  for some sleazy lo-fi vibes. They’re coming for your heart!

Phoria – ‘Undone’ @phoria
With an overwhelming online fanbase, live shows including a string quartet and impressive visuals and UK tour and EP launch (16th June in London at St Pancras Old Church, 21st June in Brighton at the Haunt), Phoria are sure to not stay under the radar much longer. This track has accumulated over 125,000 plays in the first couple of weeks alone. Ambient, well produced and with ghostly vocals atop dark piano and drums, it is chilled out but in a slightly sinister way. Check it out and see what you think.

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Tom Hickox Interview – 29th May 2014

After catching the end of a very soothing soundcheck at The Hope in Brighton, I met up with Tom Hickox in a pub around the corner to talk his music, merchandise and alternative career paths.
Did your parents’ background in classical music have any effect on your album? Are there any particular records that you remember being played as a child?
Not specifically, no. I think that when you grow up everything will have an influence on you, but any classical influences on my album were not consciously made. I was not looking to make anything classical, but with my background I guess you could say it’s an innate training, the music is in my blood. I’m really grateful to have had that kind of upbringing.
In terms of songwriting and orchestration, do you see these as separate things or do they happen simultaneously?
I definitely keep the songwriting separate. I like to focus on the key elements: the lyrics, melody and harmony first, to get the core of the song down. Then I’ll think about the right ensemble to play it. I do the majority of the orchestration and arranging myself but I think that it is important not to get ahead of yourself: if you don’t give the song strong foundations then it can never stand tall.
A lot of comparisons are made between your voice and that of Leonard Cohen. How do you feel about that? I personally think you more resemble Guy Garvey (Elbow) and Matt Berninger (The National). Are you a fan of either of those?
I’m a big fan of Leonard Cohen. He has definitely been an influence to me. You can tell within a millisecond if a song is his and that is such a great thing. I think for artists it is so hard to find your voice, both in the abstract and sonic senses but I am thrilled to be compared to such great company. I really like Elbow and The National. They write beautifully crafted music and have a lot to say. Recently one of my songs was played on Guy Garvey’s radio show and he was very complimentary about it. It is so humbling and surreal to have someone who you really admire become aware of your work and become an advocate for it.
In terms of the album artwork, it appears that you are having a conversation with yourself. Was that your intention?
The main thing that I wanted the cover to convey was that I was not just speaking from my point of view on the album; I was inhabiting other people’s voices and telling their stories.  I think that it is important to get the right look for a record, taking care and effort to package it in the best way possible. If the cover is symbiotic with the meaning of the record then it really speaks to the people and transmits well.
You have quite an interesting array of merchandise, including signed lyric handkerchiefs and pocket mirrors? Are you aiming yourself at the middle-class or is it more a style thing?
Not at all. I think I’m not the sort of musician whose supporters would want a t-shirt of. I just don’t think that it suits my style of music. The lyric handkerchief is something I really like because I think it hasn’t ever been done before. And the idea behind the pocket mirror is owner is looking back on themselves through it. Also, from a boring practical point of view, both are light items which are easy to travel around with when on tour. They seem to be selling really well though. We only have about 10 handkerchiefs left (prior to the gig).
How has the tour been going so far? Do you enjoy playing all across the country?
It’s been fantastic. I am always surprised by how different the crowds are in different cities. The venues vary each night too. Some of the shows were sell outs which is great. Others were pretty close to capacity and a couple were a little more chilled but we’ve had a great reception so far. We’re finishing the tour with a full band show in London in a few days. It’s always nice to end with a home show. I could walk home afterwards if I didn’t have my keyboard!
Besides music, do you have any other big interests/hobbies?
I’m interested in art and culture; films, books, pictures, anything that I can get ideas from for songs really. I also spend far too much time watching football on TV, but that’s not been much use for writing a song just yet!
And finally, if you couldn’t make music, what would your dream job be?
I’d be up front with Suarez, banging in the goals! That has always been a dream of mine since I was little, to be a striker for Liverpool. I enjoyed football from a young age but was never particularly sporty. But I am so happy to be able to do what I love by making music. If I can keep making more records with more amazing musicians, writing and recording music that I really believe in and playing it to crowds who really appreciate it, then I will be very happy indeed.
His stunning debut album War Peace and Diplomacy is out now.