Interview with Jon Gomm

Check out my interview with guitar legend Jon Gomm before his gig at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar last night, where he talks about crowdsourcing, his banjo pegs, his jazz education and much more.

He was a very lovely chap, even with his poor habit of feeding chips to the seagull on the seafront. His gig in the evening was a brilliant showcase of his guitar and vocal abilities, including a lesson for how to play drums on guitar and an insight into his background, playing in the working men’s clubs of Blackpool  (“The city Brighton could have been” he quipped in response to a heckler) to particularly unreceptive audiences of “confused Glaswegian pensioners on holiday” prompting him to bring out one of his trademark showpieces, his instrumental arrangement of Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody’
For the rest of his tour dates and more information go to or @jongomm

2 thoughts on “Interview with Jon Gomm”

  1. Hey tom,

    My names ruby and im writing to you on behalf of my lady band – MARINE. We’re in Brighton this weekend and I would so love for you to catch our show! I love your reviews and would be so grateful if you would consider coming along to see us! We play for sofar in bristol on sunday (who I see you sometimes write for) but I gather our brighton show will be the most local to you! If youre free, we’re on stage at 815pm at Marwood cafe on 52 ship street. Let us know if you can make it down and we’ll pop you on a list! Thank you so much! Ruby xx

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