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Foster the People – Supermodel

April 6, 2014
Foster the People - Supermodel (artwork)

What’s This?

The long-anticipated follow up to the former LA jingle-writer Mark Foster’s alt-indie/pop anthem-filled debut album,Torches (2011). With the explosive commercial success and longevity of ‘Pumped up Kicks’, I think it’s fair to say that their following have high hopes and expectations for this new record. Produced by award-winning heavyweight producer and songwriter Paul Epworth – Adele’s partner in crime for the Academy Award Winning ‘Skyfall’ – we can expect both big and interesting things from Supermodel.

And What’s It Like?

From the opening track ‘Are You What You Want To Be’ it is clear that the album is going to be a departure from the norm, combining a stadium/festival chorus with a Latin American flavoured verse. The songs are synthy, funky and pretty commercial BUT not in the bad way. It is more like in the way that Ellie Goulding or Bastille are commercial; the music is still interesting and intricate, it just feels like something you are already comfortable listening to – which isn’t a negative thing when a lot of relentlessly pioneering bands are making it more than a little difficult for newcomers to get into their music.
The sparkling production of Paul Epworth is surely to credit for the very clear and polished sound of the new record, which despite being a spring release I am sure will come into its own in the summer, particular with instantly catchy big-hitting tracks like ‘Best Friend’ and ‘Ask Yourself’, which you’ll be singing along to long after the brief window of shorts and vests that we call summer has passed.

Can You Listen To Anything Now?



1. Are You What You Want to Be
2. Ask Yourself
3. Coming of Age
4. Nevermind
5. Pseudologia Fantastica
6. The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones
7. Best Friend
8. A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon
9. Goats in Trees
10. The Truth
11. Fire Escape

Final Verdict

Supermodel is diverse, eclectic and full of life, the sort of record that you’d put on to liven up a party or get you in the mood for a night out. Each track is tightly packed with a lot of substance and there’s even an acoustic number to finish the album off. The record is sure to keep the existing fan-base and reach out to a new audience too!
Words by Tom Sayer.

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