Sofar Sounds Brighton @ Hotel Pelirocco

Tonight, in the ‘Kraken’s Lair’ basement of the quirky boutique Pelirocco Hotel in central Brighton, Sofar Sounds took over and made a stage for three local artists, Alex KP, Slam The Poet and Our Girl.

Sofar Sounds in Kraken's Lair. Photo by Nicola Jackson.
Sofar Sounds in Kraken’s Lair. Photo by Nicola Jackson.

Walking through the entrance of what looked like a bohemian brothel, down past the spiral staircase, ornamental fittings and plush carpets the Sofar Sounds Brighton team of volunteers were beavering away behind the scenes getting the stage ready for the show – the stage being the shell of a 4-poster sofa-bed. Adjoining to the makeshift venue was the Kraken’s Lair, a bedroom kitted out with a clam shaped-bed, mirrored ceiling, full-blown stripper’s pole and as much Kraken paraphernalia as you will ever likely see in a lifetime.

Sofar Sounds Brighton March 2015 - Alex KP
Alex KP at Hotel Pelirocco. Image by Nicola Jackson.

Performing to the most people who have ever been in one room, the opening act was Alex KP, a singer-songwriter from Cambridge who is currently residing in Brighton. She has a grainy voice like an old tree, and performs lengthy ballads which feel like Sunday afternoon car journeys down winding country lanes – but without the nausea. Her low salty tones have heavy flavours of jazz and blues with no loyalty to conformity or tonality.  Alex has a CD out very soon so keep an eye out for her next gigs to get one!

Sofar Sounds Brighton - Slam The Poet
Slam The Poet at Hotel Pelirocco. Image by Nicola Jackson.

Warming up backstage with some chips in hand were Slam The Poet. Performing to a backdrop of samples which sounded something like a cross between Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Eminem and Soul II Soul, the lead singer improvised his way through a number of original compositions. He engaged well with the audience, and commented that “…freestyling doesn’t stop, it just trails off. We set up a scaffolding and fill it in”.

After a short interval for drinks and loo breaks, 3-piece Our Girl brought the night to the end with some sexy Buckley-esque guitar lines and the type of grungy shoegaze that you used to hear from the live bands playing at The Bronze in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Their instrumentals were pensive and the vocals of lead singer Soph Nathan were light and floaty, like a good victoria sponge.

Despite the limited space, the attentive audience were very appreciative of the musicians and seemed to be having a great time. I’m sure that there were many regulars and also many more who would be telling their friends and applying for tickets again next time.

Sofar Sounds events happen all across the world, usually once a month in a number of UK cities including London, Manchester and Brighton. To find out more about Sofar Sounds or to sign up for their mailing list to be in with a chance of winning tickets, visit
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Sofar Sounds Brighton

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