BYFA Banner Tom Sayer Hamlin 2015

Just over 2 weeks ago I was contacted by a friend of mine who I had worked with at university, writing the music for a number of short films that he made during his degree at Manchester University. He told me that he was working on a new feature film this summer with the British Youth Film Academy (BYFA) which is sponsored by the Cooperative. Every summer the BYFA runs a summer camp where a feature film is made in just 5 weeks. Reece had been working with the BYFA for a number of years and is the producer of the new film, Hamlin, which is to be shot in Leyland, Lancashire over the upcoming weeks, starting on July 13th. He was looking for a composer for the score of this film and also somebody to act as the Head of Music for any music students who attended the summer camp and approached me to see if I would be interested in the role.

After showing my showreel to the Director, she was pleased to be able to offer me the position and I was thrilled to be able to accept the offer!

I will be heading up to Leyland in a couple of days to get settled in and ready for the start of the camp on 13th July.

I’ve read through the script, which is great and has a strong music relevance, and I think has the potential for a lot of interesting short compositions throughout, in addition to a main theme which will be used extensively during the film.

Hamlin - Scrabble

This is the first time I have worked on a film set, on a feature film and on site for the duration of the filming and I can’t wait to get started on the project!