Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead

Whilst studying my MA in Composition for Film at Bangor University, I was fortunate enough to have a placement at Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead. During my year of study, I composed a number of pieces for the centre based on the art exhibitions which they had on there. Below you can watch the videos of some of the exhibitions soundtracked by my compositions.

I finished my residency with a concert showcasing my pieces to raise money for the Centre, supported by a string quartet which I formed for four Bangor University music students, Emily Bowen, Michael Pitts, Sophie Goveia and Greg Llewellyn-Jenkins.

Tom Sayer String Quartet Ucheldre Concert Flyer

Ynys Mon Mind Exhibition – 05:00 

Cauldron Quilts Exhibition – 04:54

Mutable Figures, Flux of Landscape – 04:08

Noteworthy – 02:42

Falling Into Place – 04:32

Anglesey Homeless Art Exhibition – 06:27